Bump Proof Locks

Unfortunately, criminals are getting smarter with the way they are breaking into houses. They now have access to purchasing a bump key at their fingertips and are getting familiar with using them to break into homes. Due to this technique causing little to no visible damage, many times insurance companies will not pay for anything that is stolen.

Don’t fall victim to a break-in to your home. Installing a bump proof locks is one way to defend against your home being broken into. Bump proof locks have been specially designed to resist bumping and are available in a range of brands and styles. To maximize the security of your bump proof locks, features like shallow drilling and trap pins are also offered.

Security Solutions of South Louisiana offers a full range of bump proof locks. Depending on your current locks, we may be able to do a bump resistant rekey by changing the pins and springs. This may be a more cost-effective solution over changing locks.

Don’t fear who may have a bump key, call us today at 504-434-4179 for a free quote or to install bump proof locks.